About Us

Welcome DNA Reptiles started off life in April 2012, all stemming from my hobby of keeping reptiles which i have done now for many years, after having quite a large collection and running out of room the idea of DNA reptiles was thought of i wanted to be able to offer people the reptiles and everything that comes with owning a reptile at a good price along with good advice and after care everyone is treated like a friend here, handling reptiles in store is encouraged by us. We offer everything from live food at £1.99 a tub, full setups for all reptiles, accessories and all frozen foods.

We also offer a fully bespoke vivarium service offering your very own unique vivarium designed by you, as Dale's previous job was a bench joiner you can expect very high quality enclosures.

Here at DNA Reptiles, the animal’s welfare is our prime concern, both when they are in our care and when they are in yours. Therefore we insist that every animal we sell goes to a suitable environment. We will also ensure that the animal’s natural temperament, potential size and diet amongst other things are correct for you and your lifestyle. We encourage our customers to spend that extra bit of time when considering an animal to ensure it is the correct choice for them.

Here's a little video we did with @ http://www.facebook.com/CritterBoxtv?fref=ts for there show critterbox tv!